10 Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

10 Best Fitness Blogs That You Should Follow

Fitness is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For many of you out there, maintaining a balance between fitness and life in general can be a little tricky. However, following a guide, or reading on tips and tricks, can definitely help in maintaining a well balanced lifestyle. In fact, fitness blogs are a great resource in finding such guides. So, we put together a list of the 10 best fitness that you should follow on a daily basis!



Photo By: Mamavation

The first blog we recommend checking out is Mamavation by Leah Segedie. With many topics on hand, Mamavation provides content ranging from Beauty to DIY. One of the topics that we really enjoyed reading about are the blog posts that talk about food and the importance of food in fitness. More specifically, the “Food Investigation” about protein bars, gave good insight into the unhealthy side of meal replacements like protein bars. Checkout the Mamavation blog.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Carrots N Cake

Photo By: Tina Haupert

The second fitness blog that caught our attention is the Carrots ‘N’ Cake blog by Tina Haupert. Focused across a number of topics, CrossFit is a major blog topic on the site. A recent post that we really enjoyed reading and found interesting is centered around the best sneakers for running & CrossFit. A round up style post like this gives readers a number of options and provides an overview of some of the best products out there. Learn about  CrossFit and other exercises at Carrots N Cake.

Yana’s Blog: Fitness and Training

Yana Fitness

Photo By: Yana Hempler

The third best fitness blog that you should follow is Yana’s Blog: Fitness and Training at ybfat.co. In this blog, Yana Hempler documents some of the best fitness and training tips. Focused mostly on racing and running in general, Yana recaps some of her recent runs, from short 5k runs to longer 12k runs on her blog. Throughout her posts, like running the Bazan Bay 5k, Yana outlines somes tips and tricks on each race that she runs. So if you’re into running, and are also into competing, Yana’s Fitness and Training Blog is a great resource to follow.

A Lady Goes West

Lady Goes West

Photo By: Ashley Pitt

The fourth best fitness blogger is based out of the west side. Otherwise known as A Lady Goes West, aka Ashley Pitt, this blog is another great fitness blog that discusses a host of different topics. Focused on the overall fitness experience, Ashley has a number of different posts that can fit in anyone’s lifestyle. We found the post about what you should do at the gym very informing, an encompasses on the best routines while at the gym. Check out the A Lady Goes West blog to learn more about fitness tips and tricks.

Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat

Photo By: Monica Olivas

Like Yana’s Fitness Training Blog, the Run Eat Repeat blog by Monica Olivas is centered around running as well. We considered this blog to be one of the best as on the major topics is also centered around clean and healthy recipes. Breakfast of course is one of the main meals of the day, therefore the 3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes Recipe is an ideal breakfast, versus toasting a couple of frozen pancakes. Check out the Run Eat Repeat blog to learn more about other quick and healthy recipes for all kinds of meals.


Fitness Forster

Photo By: Amie Dawson

Our top 10 list of the best fitness bloggers couldn’t go unnoticed without some hot yoga. This is where the #FitnessForster, written by Amie Dawson, comes into play. As a personal trainer, Amie writes about a number of different topics. The #FitnessForster post that got our attention answers the following question: Hot Yoga; Is it for You?. In this post, Amie covers why hot yoga is great for anyone that likes yoga to begin with. Checkout the #FitnessForster blog to learn more about topics from yoga to travelling.

Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez

Photo By: Jose Lopez

Sometimes focusing too much on fitness and ignoring everything else can lead to bad habits. Jose Lopez is another outstanding blog that only discusses fitness, but also reminds people to not to be guided by fear or frustrations. In this short but effective, Motivation of the Day post, Jose reminds us all that we should focus on what to gain, and not what we will lose. Learn more about Jose and some of his other posts at http://joselopezfit.com.



Photo By: Kait Hanson

Having a healthy balance between work, travel, and fitness can be a little tricky at times. For Communikait, a lifestyle blog by Kait Hanson, documenting her busy life with maintain her fitness routine is a bit of juggle. One of her posts that caught our attention is a short but sweet workout guide for the arms. With a number of workouts listed, one can expect to have nice toned arms in no time. You can find similar work out guides and other great content by Kait at communikait.com.

Live Life Active

Live Life Active

Photo By: Erin Weiss

The second to last best fitness blog that you should follow is a very focused and well organized blog by Erin Weiss. As a personal trainer, Erin is focused on showcasing the best in fitness by talking about her story and journey to a more fit lifestyle. Like the Run Eat Repeat blog mentioned previously, our eye was caught on Erin’s Eating Clean Grocery List. Here, Erin lists a comprehensive and informative list of foods that are approved, as well portion sizes. Visit the Live Life Active blog to learn about nutrition and daily fitness.



Photo By: Nicole Haber

Last not but least on our list of the 10 best bloggers is the Cuckoolemon blog by Nicole Haber. Nicole is a avid adventurer, as a well as a dedicated runner. Throughout her blog you can find posts related to hiking, as well as various fitness related guides. One of our various posts from her blog is centered around fitness gear. Spending a bunch of money on expensive gear doesn’t always lead to better performance or results. Therefore, a resource like Nicole’s post about finding workout gear on the cheap is a great start in avoiding those hefty price tags. Checkout Cuckoolemon to learn more about Nicole’s daily adventures!

Overall, we really enjoyed putting together our list of the 10 best fitness bloggers that you should follow. Each blogger is quite unique and therefore they definitely provide a little bit of something for everyone. Also, feel free to leave a comment below on what you thought about this post, as well as any suggestions for the future!

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