Best Jaw Exercise for Jawline Definition

Exercise on a regular basis is a the key to staying healthy and Just like a vehicle, if proper maintenance is not performed on a regular basis the vehicle will most likely break down prematurely. There are hundreds of workout routines for just about every single muscle in your body including your jaw. Your jawline and face combined have many muscles that you use on a regular basis. These muscles are used to talk, make facial expressions and chew food. By exercising your jawline on a regular basis not only keeps your jawline defined but it also has many health benefits.

So, what is the best jaw exercise for jawline definition? let’s have a look!

Jaw Exercises for Jawline Definition

Kiss the Sky

This exercise is used to to define your jawline by strengthening your chin and lower jaw muscles. Practicing this exercise on a daily basis is a great way to give your jawline definition and and reduce sagging jowls.


  1. Start by opening your mouth as wide as possible.
  2. Tilt your head back slowly and look directly up.
  3. Close your mouth and make a dramatic kiss motion with your mouth.
  4. Repeat the steps 1 to 3, 5-20 times daily for maximum results.

Turn and Burn

This exercise focuses more on the back jawline targeting the masseter muscle. The masseter muscle is the main muscle at the back of your jaw that allows you to open and close your mouth.


  1. Start by tilting your head back and looking directly up.
  2. Slowly turn your head as far as you can to left.
  3. Stick your tongue out and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 rotating your head in the opposite direction.
  5. This exercise can be done 5-10 times a day both left side and right side.

Slow Vowels

This specific exercise is similar to the kiss the sky exercise, only it targets the jawline neck and face muscles. This exercise will tone your jawline rather then build muscle mass.


  1. Open your mouth as wide as possible.
  2. Tilt your head back slowly and look directly up.
  3. Say the vowels of the alphabet (A E I O U) in a very slow dramatic way.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3,  5-10 times a day to start to see the results.


The Jawzrsize is a hands free workout that was specifically designed to exercise your jawline. The Jawzrsize defines and chisels your jawline while exercising your neck and face muscles.


  1. Once you own a jawzrsize the first step is to boil the mouth piece for a about 20 seconds.
  2. Remove mouth piece from water with a spoon and shake off access water.
  3. bite down and hold for 10 seconds and your ready to use the jawzrsize.
  4. Put the whole jawzrsize in your mouth and chew on it.
  5. More info here on how it works.


After comparing the four exercises listed above the best jaw exercise for jawline definition in the Jawzrsize. Not only was it designed for jaw definition but its the only one of its kind on the market. The Jawzrsize also has many other health benefits. It helps with weight loss by increasing metabolism, Increases blow flow to your face increasing oxygen and keeping your skin youthful, and can relieve stress and tension in the mouth and face. It’s an all around excellent jaw exercising tool made in the USA.

Sagging Jowl Exercises That Really Work

As we age our bodies slowly get harder and harder to maintain. A sagging jowl is a fairly common sign of aging and many of us who live a healthy and active lifestyle often forget about our face and jowl. Did you know your face has the biggest range of muscle structure, and 43 of these muscles are used on a daily basis just for facial expressions? Exercising your jowl on a regular basis will prevent a sagging jowl and keep the neck, face and jaw muscles strong and youthful.

Here are some sagging jowl exercises that really work!

Look Up and Sing the Alphabet

Not only is this a great exercise for sagging jowls but it’s also an amazing exercise for that pesky double chin . This sagging jowl exercise is very easy to do and should be done on a daily basis for maximum results.

In the video above you can also find face massages for lymph drainage. lymph drainage is used to remove toxins that may have deposited in your face. This technique will boost blood circulation to the jowl and and keep the skin nice and firm to prevent sagging.

Smiling Chin Out Exercise

The smiling chin out is a exercise used to prevent a sagging jowl or to tighten up sagging skin from weight loss. Not only does this exercise help strengthen your jowl but it also helps reduce chubby cheeks and double chin.

This exercise should be done in repetitions between 50 -150 a day. Check out the video above for detailed instructions on how to properly perform the smiling chin out exercise.

Yoga Face Exercises for Sagging Jowls

Yoga jowl exercises are a great way to reduce and prevent sagging jowls. These exercises also prevent wrinkles and keep your skin looking youthful. In the video above you can find 3 yoga jowl exercises that really work.

The first exercise is used to strengthen the jawline to keep your jaw defined and firm. The second exercise is meant to strengthen and lift the cheeks. By lifting the cheeks your jowls are also lifted preventing the skin on your jowls from sagging. The third exercise is specifically to keep the skin on your jowls tight and firm. Check out the video above for detailed instructions on each exercise.


If your looking for an exercise tool for sagging jowls then look no more! The Jawzrsize is a tool made specifically for exercising your jaw, neck and face muscles and activates 57 muscles in your face. It’s a hands free workout that that will tighten the skin on your jowls while increasing blood flow and oxygen to your face and jowl. When blood flow and oxygen is distributed to your face through daily jowl exercises, the skin on your jowls keep maintained and elasticity will remain for a more youthful look.

Not only is the Jawzrsize an amazing way to reduce or prevent sagging jowls, but it also has many other health benefits. This exercise will reduce your double chin while giving you a more defined jawline, slim and tone your face, and increase metabolism to to help with weight lose. It’s made in the USA and 100% FDA compliant. If your looking for the ultimate jowl exercise, the Jawzrsize is by far the one of the best sagging jowl exercises that really work.

How to Improve Jawline: Male Jaw Enhancement

For men, a jawline is a very prominent feature that is considered very attractive to most women.  Not only do women find a strong chiseled jawline attractive but it can also make a man feel more confident in the way they look and feel. Not everyone is born with strong jawline genetics, luckily there are many different ways of achieving a strong bold jawline.

How to Improve Jawline: Male Weight Loss

One of the best ways to enhance the way your jawline looks is to simply loose weight. Now it might not be as easy as just simply loosing the weight, but its most definitely the healthiest option for your overall long term health. Here are some great tips to help you loose weight to enhance the way your jawline looks.


It might be seem pretty obvious, and yes its a lot easier then it sounds, but proper diet not only keeps your body slim but it also enhances the way your jawline and face looks. Find a diet that works for you and stick to it. Here are a few diets you might want to try:

  • Low-calorie diet
  • Low-fat diet
  • Low-card diet
  • Ketogenic diet

Body Fat Ratio

It’s important to understand proper body fat percentages so you can stay within the optimal range for maximum jawline enhancement. For men an ideal and healthy body fat percentage is between 13-19% depending on how you want to look or how dedicated you are. Here is a great article explaining body fat percentages in more depth.

Body Fat Percentages :

Water Retention

Water retention can cause your face and body look more bloated then it actually is causing a more rounder less chiseled looking jawline. Water retention occurs when fluid builds up inside your body. There are many reasons why this can happen but there are also many things you can do to reduce it.  here are a few tips to reduce water retention:

  • Eat less salt
  • Increase magnesium intake
  • increase vitamin B6 intake
  • Eat more potassium rich foods
  • Avoid refined Carbs

How to Improve Jawline: Male Exercise

There are many reasons why jaw workouts are good to do on a regular basis. Not only does it enhance the way your face looks but it also reduces your double chin, increase your metabolism to help you loose weight, and can help with pain relief and tension in your jaw. Here are some easy to do jaw workouts you can do on a regular basis to enhance your jawline:

Kiss The Sky

look up, stick out your chin and kiss the sky! While doing this exaggerate the movement as much as possible for maximum results. Repeat this 15-20 times on a daily basis and I guarantee you will start to see results in your jaw and neck.

Jaw Circles

Not the most appealing looking exercise, you might feel and look weird while performing this exercise, so I suggest doing this on your own time. Push out your lower jaw and make a circular motion as if you were drawing a circle with your chin. Make sure to keep your head still and repeat the circular motion 10 times daily. (5 left circles then 5 right circles)


Similar to the kiss the sky exercise. Look up as high as you can and say your vowels in a very exaggerated way.  This exercise is a awesome way to strengthen your face, jaw and neck while reducing water retention of the jaw.


The Jawzrsize is a tool specifically designed for jaw exercising. Its easy to use and can be implemented into daily routines at the gym, on a run or even at home while watching a movie.

The Jawzrsize is by far the most superior way or enhancing your face and strengthening your neck and jawline. It helps reduce a double chin, increases blood flow to the face to keep you looking youthful, increases metabolism for weight loss, relatives stress and tension in your mouth and face, and bottom line will result in a chiseled stronger jawline.

How to Improve Jawline: Male Surgery

Not all men are not born with a naturally defined jawline, this can be a source of insecurity or embarrassment. Althought there are many ways to enhance and strengthen your jawline naturally, another alternative is cosmetic surgery. We personally believe in the natural way of doing thing such as jaw exercises and weight loss, unfortunately some people may have deformities or serious injuries that requires extra care or surgery.

Sliding Osteotomy

This is a surgery that requires some serious alterations. Its a process where the jawbone is cut and moved or re-aligned to create a more bold defined jawline structure. This is usually a process that is used when a jawline is deformed or irregular.

Lateral Implants

If you want to get a stronger looking jawline without practicing routine jaw exercises or using tools such as the Jawzrsize. Lateral implants are placed behind the masseter muscle. This surgery will help define the angle of your jawline resulting in a more chiseled look.

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How to get a Defined Jawline Naturally

Many people dream of having that perfect defined jawline, unfortunately most people are not born with perfect genes. All thought genetics do play a role when it comes to defined jawline, there is no reason why you can’t maximize your jawline to get that defined bold look you have always wanted. Here are some great tips and techniques on how to get a defined jawline naturally.

Overall Health

Being healthy in general is always a good idea. Even if your jawline is genetically sound, by not eating the proper foods or taking care of your body, your gift from god can be easily buried in fat or water weight. Here are some health tips on how to get a defined jaw naturally.

Get a Good Night Sleep

A healthy start to a day requires a proper sleep at night. Being healthy and active is much harder for your body if you don’t get a proper sleep at night. 8 hours a day is required for your body to get a proper recovery.

Consume Less Salt

Salt in general is horrible for your skin and body. By limiting your salt intake, eating healthy whole grain foods and cutting out the junk, you can keep your water weight down. If you have a double chin or are bloated it’s much harder to see your defined jaw.

Jawline Exercises On the Go

Exercising your jaw is a great way to build muscle, strengthen, and tone your jawline. Although these exercises might look funny, they don’t take up much time and you can do them anywhere at anytime. Here are 3 great jaw exercises on how to get a defined jawline naturally on the go.

Kiss the Sky Exercise

This is a super easy Jaw exercise that not only strengthens your jaw and neck muscles but it also prevents future sagging. All you need to do is tilt your head back and kiss the sky in an exaggerated fashion.

Vowels Exercise

Here we have another exercise that is similar to the last one only instead of kissing the sky you just have to slowly say your vowels. This exercise is used to strengthen areas of the front jaw, neck and chin.

Turn and Burn

This exercise is used to strengthen the back of your jaw rather than the whole jaw area. This is done by tilting your head back tuning your head to one side, sticking out your toung and holding it for a few seconds. This exercise should be alternated from left to right.

Check out the youtube video below for more in depth examples on how to get a defined jawline naturally.

Jaw Exercising Tools

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is a great way to exercise your jaw in moderation. Just like Jawzrsize bubble gum strengthens your jaw through a chewing motion. A major downfall to bubblegum is the sugar content in it. Chewing gum excessively is not good for your teeth nor is it good for diet.


This device is an amazing way to exercise and strengthen your jaw muscles and is by far more superior then all the other jaw exercises out there. Not only is Jawzrsize is a great tool for getting a defined jawline naturally but it also has many other health benefits. This tool increases blood flow to your face, releaves stress and tension from your face and increases matabolism to help you loose weight. The Jawzrsize also helped Brandon Harris through his jaw rehabilitation after having his mouth wired shut.