How to get a Defined Jawline Naturally

Many people dream of having that perfect defined jawline, unfortunately most people are not born with perfect genes. All thought genetics do play a role when it comes to defined jawline, there is no reason why you can’t maximize your jawline to get that defined bold look you have always wanted. Here are some great tips and techniques on how to get a defined jawline naturally.

Overall Health

Being healthy in general is always a good idea. Even if your jawline is genetically sound, by not eating the proper foods or taking care of your body, your gift from god can be easily buried in fat or water weight. Here are some health tips on how to get a defined jaw naturally.

Get a Good Night Sleep

A healthy start to a day requires a proper sleep at night. Being healthy and active is much harder for your body if you don’t get a proper sleep at night. 8 hours a day is required for your body to get a proper recovery.

Consume Less Salt

Salt in general is horrible for your skin and body. By limiting your salt intake, eating healthy whole grain foods and cutting out the junk, you can keep your water weight down. If you have a double chin or are bloated it’s much harder to see your defined jaw.

Jawline Exercises On the Go

Exercising your jaw is a great way to build muscle, strengthen, and tone your jawline. Although these exercises might look funny, they don’t take up much time and you can do them anywhere at anytime. Here are 3 great jaw exercises on how to get a defined jawline naturally on the go.

Kiss the Sky Exercise

This is a super easy Jaw exercise that not only strengthens your jaw and neck muscles but it also prevents future sagging. All you need to do is tilt your head back and kiss the sky in an exaggerated fashion.

Vowels Exercise

Here we have another exercise that is similar to the last one only instead of kissing the sky you just have to slowly say your vowels. This exercise is used to strengthen areas of the front jaw, neck and chin.

Turn and Burn

This exercise is used to strengthen the back of your jaw rather than the whole jaw area. This is done by tilting your head back tuning your head to one side, sticking out your toung and holding it for a few seconds. This exercise should be alternated from left to right.

Check out the youtube video below for more in depth examples on how to get a defined jawline naturally.

Jaw Exercising Tools

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is a great way to exercise your jaw in moderation. Just like Jawzrsize bubble gum strengthens your jaw through a chewing motion. A major downfall to bubblegum is the sugar content in it. Chewing gum excessively is not good for your teeth nor is it good for diet.


This device is an amazing way to exercise and strengthen your jaw muscles and is by far more superior then all the other jaw exercises out there. Not only is Jawzrsize is a great tool for getting a defined jawline naturally but it also has many other health benefits. This tool increases blood flow to your face, releaves stress and tension from your face and increases matabolism to help you loose weight. The Jawzrsize also helped Brandon Harris through his jaw rehabilitation after having his mouth wired shut.


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