Simple Daily Exercises to Stay Fit for Women

Everyone woman wants a strong, toned and healthy body, but nothing in life comes easy. Exercise takes discipline and dedication but it doesn’t mean you need to spend your whole day working out at the gym. Here are are some simple daily exercises to stay fit for women with guides and challenges.

Chest Workouts

Most women who exercise don’t think about working out their chest. Exercising your chest is a very important part of your body and everyone should incorporate a chest exercises into their weekly routine. Here are some easy to follow chest exercises.

Chest & Back Workout Routine

This post has a great chest and back workout routine you can easily incorporate into your weekly exercise routine. You will find a easy to understand right to the point workout guide with included video. Chest exercises will reduce your armpit fat and and keep your chest looking more full.

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Sexy Chica Chest Workout for Woman

Although this workout was designed for woman, men can also use the same routine with great results. The complete workout is done using 8-20 LB dumbbells and incorporates bench press “negatives”.

You can find the full routine here:

Back Workouts

Maintaining good posture is crucial for a healthy spine and back. Keeping your core and back muscles strong is a great way to keep a proper posture. Here are some great back workout routines to keep a strong healthy back.

Best Back Strengthening Exercises

This article is a detailed exercise routine with video examples for strengthening mainly your back but also your core. This is a great workout that anyone can do from home without weights.

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If your looking for a not so common back exercise for strength and flexibility without sacrificing injury, than this is the workout for you. Bridges are a great way to help with back pain and reduce back injury while stretching your core.

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Core Workouts

Core workouts are a very import part of your workout routine. A core workout can easily be incorporated into your every day routine regardless of what body part your working out. Here are some great quick and easy challenges that you can easily incorporate into your daily workout routine.

4 Weeks to a Stronger Core

This is an amazing 4 week core strengthening challenge. In this post you will find a 4 week calendar with a core workout for each day on the month. It doesn’t take much time out of your day to complete and can easily be done while working out any body part, plus it requires no weights so you can even do it at home or on the go.

See 4 week core challenge here:

15 Minute Complete Core Workout

Here we have a quick and easy 15 minute core workout that can be easily incorporated into your daily workout routine. It’s a detailed article with pictures for each workout and full workout routine infographic to snap a screenshot of to bring with you to the gym.

Find the full core workout guide here:

Butt Workouts

Although nobody’s booty is the same size or shape, everyone wants a nice looking butt. Not only does everyone want a nice looking butt, it’s also one of the most important muscles in your body. It controls the movement of your lower body and helps with your posture. Here are some great booty workouts to get your butt in shape.

5 Booty Workouts to Sculpt your Butt

This post has 5 booty workouts with pictures and easy to follow instructions. This routine is meant to give you maximum results while minimizing the time spent on working out.

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Summer Butt Challenge

Looking for that bathing suit butt this summer? Look no more, this Challenge is made to tighten, tone and strengthen your butt to give you that beach bum you have always wanted. In this post you will find a detailed guide with a 7 day routine that takes only 20 minutes a day to complete.

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Leg Workouts

Regardless of what you do for a living having strong legs to get you from point A to point B everyday is pretty important. Your legs are constantly working carrying your body around day in and day out. Your legs are just like the foundation of a building, if you build a weak foundation the building will fall. Here are some great leg workouts to keep your foundation strong.

Lunge for Maximum Results

Lunges are a great full leg workout that hits all the major and minor muscles in your legs. In this post you will find detailed guide on how to Lunge properly and effectively for maximum results.

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7 Best Leg Workouts at Home for Women to Lose Fat

Some people don’t have time for the gym but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy active lifestyle. This article includes 7 leg workouts with detailed instructions to lose fat and tone legs at home without weights.

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Jaw Workouts

Most people don’t think about incorporating jaw exercises in their weekly workout routine. Working out your jaw has many health benefits and is a great way to trim fat under your chin or in your face.

Double Chin & Chubby Cheeks Exercise

Both double chin and chubby cheeks can make you feel insecure about how your look. In this article you will find many detailed workouts to exercise your jaw to burn that neck and face fat.

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How to Lose a Double Chin

Sometimes getting rid of a double chin requires more than just jaw exercises to trim face fat. In this blog you will find detailed jaw exercises and diet options to help reduce bloating and face fat.

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